How to Clean a Backpacking Stove (MSR Whisperlite)

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A well-working stove can make the difference between a warm meal or a night munching dried ramen. Follow these steps for a thorough stove cleaning. NOTE: we do not recommend this method on a stove unless it is similar in construction to the MSR whisperlite (e.g., canister stoves would not benefit much from this technique).

Following your stove instructions, disassemble completely. Discard any plastic parts that may melt under heat, we just want to work on the metal pieces.

Wipe off as much residue and soot as you can, then place into a pot of near-boiling water. Leave in for ten minutes, scrubbing as necessary.

Dry completely and continue wiping off residue and soot.

Clean the stove’s line, as you would normally for intermediate cleanings. Continue to wipe residue and soot away.

Clean the shaker jet pin as normal.

Dry the larger pieces (esp. fuel lines) in an oven set at 115 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until COMPLETELY dry. Lightly oil all parts and reassemble. Make sure to test it out before your next trip, but your stove should be as good as new.

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