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About Us

TrailMob.com – Striving for outdoor excellence.

Our mission is to show our readers what Mother Nature has to offer, whether in their own backyard or beyond. We offer fully functional trails and wildlife databases, camping and hiking tips, unbiased gear reviews and outdoor and environmental news of interest to the outdoors community.


A little bit on our history: TrailMob’s founders are outdoors fanatics. Both have worked and played in the outdoors all their lives. High school buddies, turned seasonal work junkies, turned real-world professionals, we were scanning through various trail websites looking for our next adventure when an idea struck like lightning. Why not create our own trail website and do it better than everyone else? We strive to provide information on trails in every area of the country and for every level of experience and situation. Here you will find trails that are family friendly, ADA accessible, and even trails that mountain bikers and horseback riders can enjoy as well! All that matters to us is you get outside and enjoy yourself!

Field Guides

Our in-house biologist vets our field guides. Our thought process behind them was to create picture-focused and scientifically accurate entries, then incorporate them into every single trail on the site. The ability to easily identify a beautiful tree, blooming wildflower, songbird or other wildlife is a wonderful way to enhance your experience in the wild.

Outdoor Skills

This is where MacGyver and Martha Stewart come together. You’ll find valuable skills that will not only increase your knowledge, but also enhance your hiking and camping experience. Learn a new knot, scope out some ideas for things to keep the kids busy while camping, learn a little wilderness first aid or how to make a tasty snack and much more.

News & Articles

We have passion for the outdoors! Part of the passion is the obligation to ensure that issues that affect outdoor recreation and the environment are reported on. When a big story happens we try and get the information out quickly in a fair, balanced and accurate manner. We find our articles fascinating and hope you do too! We strive to find interesting subjects, stories and events to share in a creative and visual manner.


Buying a new piece of gear can be an expensive proposition. It’s kind of like naming a kid. If you decide you don’t like it down the road, too bad and better luck next time! Our gear reviews are engineered to take some of the stress out of making your next major purchase. We put a lot of thought into how we are going to do gear reviews before ever putting any fingers to keyboards. Anyone can write a page about a piece of equipment after taking it out on a short day hike. After scouring gear review sites we felt that many reviews miss the mark. So we decided that TrailMob gear reviews would get multiple testers, multiple environments and plenty of use before we publish anything.

We also wanted an easy to use interface for folks looking for new gear. So we designed our Gear Finder. It is linked to major retailers like REI, Backcountry.com and Sierra Trading Post to ensure you always find the best deal available on what your are looking for.


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