Yaqui Ridge Trail

  • Coronado National Memorial near Tucson.


Dogs No

3 (miles)


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Yaqui Ridge Trail is a moderate kid friendly hike in the Coronado National Memorial that allows hikers to literally say they hiked to Mexico. The memorial says this trail is "a spur from the Joe’s Canyon Trail, the trail descends steeply to the US/Mexico border. Here you can view International Boundary Marker 102 located at the southwestern corner of the park. This trail marks the southern terminus of the Arizona National Scenic Trail, an 800+ mile diverse and scenic trail that extends from Mexico to Utah. For your safety, please do not cross over fence into Mexico." A warning, if you are hiking in the summer time, prepare for extreme temperatures. Make sure to carry plenty of water and ample protection from the sun. There is no camping available in the Coronado National Memorial.


Hiking in the Coronado National Memorial is following in the footprints of Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado who explored the area in the 1540s. Coronado's expedition went from Mexico through present day Kansas and marked the first time a European saw the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Coronado was searching for the mythical "Seven Cities of Gold." Legend has it the cities are in Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

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Contact: Coronado National Memorial 4101 E. Montezuma Canyon Rd. Hereford, Az 85615

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