Whispering Pines Trail

  • Beautiful scenery along the Whispering Pines Trail in Hawn State Park.
  • Horace's Duskywing (Erynnis horatius) on a wildflower in Hawn State Park.


Dogs Yes

Fall Foliage

9.75 (miles)



~1025 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Whispering Pines Trail is a difficult hiking trail in Hawn State Park near St. Louis. This trail is dog friendly, but your pup has to on leash. Mountain bikes and equestrians are not allowed. The north loop has red blazes and the south loop has blue blazes. The Whispering Pines Trail is one of the very best hikes or backpacking trips in Missouri. The trail was constructed with the helps of the Ozark Chapter of the Sierra Club in the 1970’s. It weaver's through a stunning mixed hardwood forest that is bursting with wildlife. Hikers can expect sweeping views as well along the banks of Pickle Creek and the River Aux Vases. Lush mosses and fern along the exposed sandstone and massive granite boulders only add to the spectacular scenery along this bucket list trail. Camping is available in Hawn State Park.

Red Tape

Camping Fee
Contact: Hawn State Park 12096 Park Drive Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

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