Walls of Jericho Trail

  • Walls of Jericho Waterfall in Alabama.
  • Walls of Jericho in Alabama.
  • Walls of Jericho in Alabama.


Dogs Yes



Fall Foliage

7 (miles)


Point to Point

~1100 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Walls of Jericho is a tough hike near Huntsville, Alabama that straddles the border with Tennessee. This hike is kid and dog friendly, though your furry kids have to be on leash. This a tough hike with quite a bit of elevation gain, so it may not be the best choice for those hiking with small children. The hike to the Walls of Jericho is one the most awe inspiring treks in the southeast. Along the way hikers see the headwaters of the Paint Rock River, incredible vistas, deep ravines and lush thick forest. The walls themselves are a beautiful geological feature that puts the power of Mother Nature into perspective. The Walls of Jericho are a roughly 200 foot sheer rock walls that create a nature amphitheater. This going to be a tough a hike! Expect to get muddy and be prepared for slippery terrain. Also, make sure to wear to waterproof boots as you will have to cross a few streams. Along the way make sure to think about the fact that you are following in Davey Crockett's footsteps as you hike this trail.


The Walls of Jericho have a rich and colorful history. Davey Crockett’s family owned land nearby, and in the late 1700s he explore the area. It got its name in the latter part of the 1800s. A minister came across the amphitheater and was struck by its cathedral like beauty. He gave it a biblical name, that’s stuck to this day. Up until roughly 1977 the area was closed to the public and was privately owned.

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