Tishomingo SP CCC Camp Nature Trail

  • Watch out for Wild Turkeys along this hike!


Bird Watching

Dogs Yes

Fall Foliage

3 (miles)


Out & Back

Minimal (Elev. Δ - ft)


CCC Camp Nature Trail is an easy hike in Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi. This trail is kid and dog friendly, but your furry kids must be on leash. The park website says "this trail leaves the Pioneer Cabin area, following along rocky outcrops, crossing numerous springs and streams. The nature trail parallels the park road, and provides a perfect opportunity to view areas of ferns, wildflowers, outcroppings and wildlife. There is a place to get a cool drink from a natural spring along a spur trail that leads to the left. The main trail continues along and crosses a gravel road, which was the original entrance to the park. Past the gravel road is the site of the old CCC camp. This is where the CCC men lived while the park was being built. The roads and majority of the park buildings were built by the CCC. Along this trail the building foundations of the historic camp can still be seen. The trail continues past this area and divides as it enters some large rocks. The upper trail travels above the rocks ending below Pavilion #1, while the original path follows along below the rocks. The lower trail works its way towards the banks of Bear Creek travelling down approximately 98 stone steps. This area is known as Horseshoe Bend due to the shape of the creek. Rock cliffs are located on the other side of the trail from the creek. Above these rocks are the family cabins. The trail continues around and ends at the Swinging Bridge area." There is camping available in Tishomingo State Park.


See historic CCC structures. "The park takes its name from the leader of the Chickasaw nation, Chief Tishomingo. The famous Natchez Trace Parkway, the premier highway of the early 1800s and a modern scenic parkway, runs directly through the park."

Red Tape

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Contact: Tishomingo State Park 105 CR 90 - P.O. Box 880 Tishomingo, MS 38873

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