Riggs Spring Loop Trail

  • Sweeping view from the start of Riggs Spring Loop from Rainbow Point in Bryce Canyon.


Dogs No

8.5 (miles)



~2250 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Bryce Canyon

The Riggs Spring Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park is one tough hike! This trail has more than 2,000 feet of elevation change as it meanders through deep evergreen forests bursting with wildlife and wildflowers. This is a fairly popular backcountry camping section of the park, so be sure to respect people's privacy. Make sure to stop and take in the bristlecone pines that dot this trail, many are nearly 2,000 years old! As always, carry plenty of water and sunscreen. This trail is kid friendly, but may be too much for young children. Bryce Canyon National Park has two campgrounds, Sunset and North Campgrounds.


Mormon Pioneers settled Bryce Canyon in the early 1850’s. The park is named after Ebenezer Bryce who homesteaded in the area in the 1870's.

Red Tape

Entrance and Camping Fees, Backcountry camping permits required
Contact: Bryce Canyon National Park PO Box 640201 Bryce Canyon UT 84764

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