Osborn Homestead Loop Trail

  • Deer in Mueller State Park near Colorado Springs.


Dogs No

3.2 (miles)



Minimal (Elev. Δ - ft)


Osborn Homestead Loop Trail in Mueller State Park near Colorado Springs is an easy hike that offers scenery and a historic homestead. This trail is kid friendly, but make sure to leave your furry kids at home! Dogs are not allowed on any Mueller State Park trails. Make sure to stop in at the Visitor Center before heading off on your hike. Mueller State Park says "travel back in time to one of the park's old homesteads. From #13 Black Bear Trailhead, you can hike downhill to the Osborn Homestead Trail #27. Continue to the homestead ruins. Built in the early 1900's by the Earl Osborn family, the homestead is a reminder of the harsh, severe life of the early settlers. Continue on Trail #27 and meet trail #13 again. Turn right and follow #13 back to the trailhead" There is camping available in Mueller State Park.

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Contact: Mueller State Park 21045 Highway 67 South Divide, CO, 80814

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