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3.5 miles

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North Crater Trail (CMNM)

Idaho by v8.6m

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North Crater Trail is a moderate hike in Craters of the Moon National Monument near Twin Falls, Idaho. The monument says "this trail is especially interesting for its variety. The trail traverses North Crater and drops into the crater mouth, the vent for the North Crater flow. Notice that the northwest flank of North Crater is missing. An eruption tore the wall apart, and a series of aa flows rafted the fragments away. The trail continues to the rim of Big Craters before descending to the Spatter Cones. If you have two vehicles, leave one at the Spatter Cones parking lot to avoid hiking back on the same trail." There is camping available in Craters of the Moon National Monument.


In the summer of 1969, Apollo 14 astronauts including Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Joe Engle, and Eugene Cernan trained in Craters of the Moon National Monument. They explored the lava landscape and learned the basics of volcanic geology in preparation for future trips to the moon.

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Entrance and Camping Fees
Contact: Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve P.O. Box 29 Arco, ID 83213

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