Lost Mine Trail (BBNP)

  • Beautiful vista along the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park, Texas.


Dogs No

4.8 (miles)


Out & Back

~1100 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


The Lost Mine Trail is a difficult hiking trail in Big Bend National Park, Texas. This trail is one of the most popular hikes in the park. It is kid friendly, but as always parents should use their own discretion. There is more than a thousand feet of elevation gain. The hike starts at mile 5.1 on Basin Road. Heads up, parking is very limited. Along the way hikers can expect stunning vistas! The park says "this trail serves as an outstanding introduction the flora and fauna of the Chisos Mountains. With limited time, hike to marker 10 (about 1 mile), where a saddle offers stunning views of Casa Grande and Juniper Canyon. The remainder of the trail climbs steeply in and out of juniper, oak, and pine forest. The trail abruptly levels out at the ridge with superb views of Pine Canyon and the Sierra del Carmen in Mexico. A brochure is available at the trailhead. It is not uncommon to see tracks and scat of black bear, mountain lion, and gray fox along Chisos Mountains trails. Carmen Mountain whitetail deer, rock squirrels, whiptail lizards, spotted towhees, tufted titmice, and Mexican jays are also common in these mountains." As with all trails in Big Bend, make sure to carry plenty of water and sunscreen when hiking.

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Contact: Big Bend National Park P.O. Box 129 Big Bend National Park, TX 79834

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