Lake Haiyaha Trail

  • Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Snowy winter evening at Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Spring coming to Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Dogs No


Fall Foliage

4.1 (miles)


Out & Back

~745 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Rocky Mountain

The hike to Lake Haiyaha begins at the Bear Lake Trailhead. Along the way hikers will pass several stunning lakes, including Bear Lake and Nymph Lake. Once you reach Lake Haiyaha prepare yourself for breathtaking scenery. At 12,486 ft., Otis Peak dominates the skyline. Looking across Chaos Canyon Hallett Peak soars upwards. The shore of surrounding Lake Haiyaha is extremely rugged. Massive boulders litter the area. Once you can bring yourself to depart this amazing place head back the same way you hiked in. There is plenty of camping available in Rocky Mountain National Park.


“Haiyaha” means "lake of many rocks" in the local Native American language.

Red Tape

Entrance and Camping Fees
Contact: Rocky Mountain National Park 1000 Highway 36 Estes Park, CO 80517

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