Iliahi (Sandalwood) Trail

  • Fern in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Dogs No

1.5 (miles)



Minimal (Elev. Δ - ft)


Hawaii Volcanoes

Iliahi or Sandalwood Trail is an easy kid friendly hike in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that offers hikers spectacular views of the Kīlauea Caldera. The trailhead is located across the street from Kīlauea Visitor Center. The park says "find `Iliahi (sandalwood) growing among native and non-native trees along this beautiful rainforest trail. Feel the heat from the active steam vents and peer across the steaming floor of Kīlauea Caldera and the erupting Halema`uma`u Crater while enjoying the comforts of this mostly shady loop trail." Along the way hikers can expect many unique features including "walking in a rain forest, listening to the singing native birds, steam vents, pit craters, fault scarps. Views of Kīlauea Caldera, Halema`uma`u Crater and Mauna Loa." Hawaii Volcanoes has two campgrounds, the Namakanipaio and the Kulanaokuaiki.

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Contact: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park 1 Crater Rim Drive Hawaii National Park, HI 96718

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