Frijole and Foothills Trails

  • Along the Frijole Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.


Dogs No

4.5 (miles)



~650 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Guadalupe Mountains

Frijole and Foothills Trails is a moderate hike in Guadalupe Mountains National Park near El Paso, Texas. This hike is kid friendly. This hike begins at the Pine Springs Trailhead. The park says "the Frijole and Foothills trails make a connecting loop between Pine Springs campground and Frijole Ranch. Start at either end. Observe Chihuahuan desert vegetation and nice distant vistas. Not frequently traveled, this trail offers an enjoyable walk of solitude." As with all trails in the Guadalupe Mountains, make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. There are two developed front country campgrounds in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the Pine Springs Campground and the Dog Canyon Campground.

Red Tape

Entrance & Camping Fees, Backcountry Camping Free
Contact: Guadalupe Mountains National Park 400 Pine Canyon Drive Salt Flat, TX 79847

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