Big Tree Trail: Oregon Caves NM

  • The
  • Steller's Jay in Oregon Caves National Monument.
  • Paintbrush in Oregon Caves National Monument.
  • Pacific Madrone (arbutus-menziesii) is common in Oregon Caves National Monument.


Dogs No

3.3 (miles)



~1100 (+) (Elev. Δ - ft)


Big Tree Trail is a moderate kid friendly hike in Oregon Caves National Monument that takes hikers past the largest tree in Oregon. The massive douglas fir has a circumference of 41 feet and believed to be up to 800 years old. This hike starts at the archway behind the Visitor Center. The monument says "this is a great afternoon hike. This hike takes about half a day to complete because it is quite a steep climb. This trail takes hikers through beautiful scenery, mountain meadows, and past the widest girthed Douglas fir tree known to exist in Oregon." There is no camping available inside Oregon Caves National Monument, but there are campgrounds nearby.


President William Taft established Oregon Caves National Monument in 1909.

Red Tape

Entrance Free
Contact: Oregon Caves National Monument 19000 Caves Hwy Cave Junction, OR 97523

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