Nature Photography

Nature photography is one of the many reasons we go outdoors. But it’s how to take better pictures that is difficult. If you are anything like us you are not a professional, we proudly practice amateur photography! But, that does not mean we can't still capture beautiful nature pictures. We spent a lot of time trying to learn and understand photography basics, even went to school for it! We want to pass our photography tips on to you! Learn photography techniques to take beautiful landscape pictures, capturing motion in waterfalls or wildlife in its element.

Photography techniques from Ansel Adams

Outdoor Photography | The Ansel Adams Process

Take better pictures the Ansel Adams way. Learn photography techniques and practices used by Adams to help you become a better outdoor photographer.

How to take better waterfall pictures.

Images of Waterfalls | Capture Beautiful Waterfall Pics

Learn how to take to take better pictures of waterfalls. Images of beautiful waterfalls are something every outdoor photographer strives for.

Photography Tips from Ansel Adams

Outdoor Photography | Ansel Adams Technique

Learn how to take better photos by employing these Ansel Adams photography techniques. These tips will help you be a better outdoors photographer.