Camping Hacks

Camping hacks are fun! Plain and simple! Here you can learn about things to do while camping, hiking hacks, backpacking hacks and other family friendly outdoor activities. These camping tips are designed with families in mind to create last memories, because we know when you are camping with kids diy yourself ideas and activities are a must a have! Here you will find creative camping games, tricks, ghost stories, poems and much more family fun to have around the campfire.

Ten essential items for your next hiking or backpacking trip

Learn the absolute essential gear for every camping, hiking and backpacking trip in the outdoors.

The Ultimate Car Camping Checklist

The ultimate camping gear and supply checklist. Never forget anything on a camping trip again.

DIY Backpacking Repair Kit

Learn how to make a DIY repair kit that is perfect for day hiking, car camping and backpacking.

How to layer for winter weather.

How to stay warm on winter hikes

  1. How to build an emergency snow cave

Get ready for a winter adventure or camping trip. Learn how to properly layer for winter weather in order to keep warm in the cold.

12 Old School Camping Games for Families

Camping game ideas you and the kids are sure to enjoy on your next family camping trip. Scavenger hunts, hot seat, marshmallow maverick and more.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt List for Family Camping

Ideas for kid friendly scavenger hunts for your next family camping trip. Lists of things to find, things to see and things to feel.

Differences between a wolf and a coyote

Learn how to tell the difference between a Gray Wolf and a Coyote.

Altoids Survival Tin | Firestarter

  1. DIY Backpacking Repair Kit
  2. Good and Bad Wilderness Water Sources

Learn how make an emergency firestarter out of an altoids tin. Follow these simple steps to step up your preparedness.

Learn How to Layer Clothes in Winter

  1. How to build an emergency snow cave

How to start a fire: Teepee Method

Learn how to start a teepee campfire. It’s perfect for telling ghost stories at the campground or building a small cook fire in the backcountry

How to Build a Grid Fire

  1. How to treat a sunburn

Learn how to build a grid fire. This easy to build firestarter is sure build a great campfire every time.

Tip for hiking with kids

Learn some easy tips for hiking with kids. These no cost ideas are sure to change "are we done yet" to "I don't want to be done yet."

Learn to see more wildlife

Wildlife Viewing Basics

Learn how to see more wildlife on your adventures by following these simple steps.