Tip for hiking with kids

Camping Hacks

Learn some easy tips for hiking with kids. We can't all bag peaks every weekend! Spending a relaxing day hiking with the kids can be just as rewarding! Follow these steps to make their memories as memorable as yours.

When it comes to hiking, think short! A good rule of thumb is one half mile for every year the child is old.

The beauty of the area may not be the most interesting thing to youngsters, but wading in the creek, carving stick kayaks and other adventures may be the coolest thing ever!

Pictures speak a thousand words! Show them pictures of wildlife in the area. Talk with them about the history of the location before and during the trip.

Carry guides! Kids' imaginations are an engine that is running at 8000 RPMs. Be ready to identify plants, animals, bugs, tracks and anything else imaginable! 

Be prepared! Have snacks, extra layers of clothes and anything else you may need to be ready to roll! This easy step is meltdown prevention should things not go as planned.

If camping, have fun activities ready to go. Whatever it may be! Every grown-up remembers their mom or dad teaching them how to widdle a stick to roast marshmallows.

Be Peter Pan! Have fun with them! Kids are going to be much more interested in anything if their parents are enjoying it too!

Be responsible! Teach them Leave No Trace principles from the start! That's knowledge they will pass down to your grandkids!