The Rule of 3 in a Survival Situation

Survival Skills

Understanding the "Rule of 3" can be the difference between life and death in a wilderness survival situation.

The Importance of the Rule of 3

The rule of threes is extremely important in a survival scenario. If you find yourself in a life or death situation, of course your initial reaction is going to be overwhelmed with stress and panic. Your chances of survival dramatically increase once you Stop, Plan, Execute, Assess and Revaluate. Commonly known as “SPEAR.”

A crucial step analyzing the situation is to address the “Rule of 3” which will help you prioritize your basic survival needs.

The Rule of 3

A human being can survive for:

  1. - 3 minutes without air
  2. - 3 hours without a regulated body temperature (shelter)
  3. - 3 days without water
  4. - 3 weeks without food

In an emergency situation walking yourself through this simple rule will help ensure you take the proper steps to survive.

Clearly you need to be able to breath. However finding shelter is next priority, followed by a reliable and safe water source and lastly securing a food source. Remembering the rule of threes can be the difference between making it out of the wild alive or becoming a food source for scavengers.