Smoked Salmon Pasta | Camping Recipe

Campfire Recipes

Learn to make a delicious Smoked Salmon Pasta. This hearty and savory dish is a great dinner after a day of grinding out miles in the backcountry or sitting around the campfire. The measurements listed below are designed for one hungry backpacker. If you are relaxing with the family and doing a little car camping this should feed two. You can alway adjust measurements as need to feed more.

Smoke Salmon Pasta Ingredients

This is everything you need to make Smoke Salmon Pasta in the backcountry or at the campground. 

Ramen Noodles (Flavor package removed):  2 Packages
Diced Sun-dried Tomatoes:  1/4 Cup
Butter Powder:  1 Tbl
Onion Powder:  1 Tbl
Dehydrated Capers:  1 Tbl
Chicken Bouillon:  1 Tbl (1 Cube) 
Granulated garlic:  1 Tbl
Olive Oil:  1 Tbl 
Crushed Red Pepper:  1 tsp
Shelf-stable Parmesan Cheese:  1/4 Cup
Smoked Salmon:  3 oz 
Water:  3 Cups

Materals Needed:  Ziploc Freezer Bag, Snack Size Sandwich Bag.

At Home

Remove Ramen from package and remove flavor pouch. Place in Ziploc freezer bag with the package of smoked salmon and olive oil packets or small container, your choice. Combine all other dry ingredients in a sandwich bag and place in Ziploc.

In Camp

Boil water and add Ramen. Combine salmon and all other ingredients in the Ziploc. Once the Ramen is nearly done (about 90 Seconds), combine all ingredients in Ziploc and seal. Wait about 5 minutes and enjoy!