How to start a fire: Teepee Method

Camping Hacks

Understanding how to start a fire when camping can be tougher than it looks. There are many fire starting methods, but one our favorite ways to make a fire is by using the teepee method. This classic campfire lights quickly, easily and is scaleable, meaning it’s perfect for small backcountry cook fire or a larger campfire to tell ghost stories into the night.


How to make a campfire

The first step in making a campfire, is to make sure it’s appropriate to do so. If you are in the backcountry make sure there are no burn bans in the area. If you are in a campground simply use the fire pit. To start a fire using the teepee method, first dig a shallow hole in the ground and add rocks to either side to shield from wind, if necessary or required. Collect some firestarter material, such as dry red pine needles, moss, crumpled paper or some of TrailMob’s trusted fires starting methods. Next, form a small nest to allow you more easily light the fire.


Assemble the teepee firestarter

Now that you have your dry tinder, gather or split larger firestarter kindling. Next, create a cone-shaped tepee out of small kindling in the center of the hole. Arrange additional sticks on the outside of the tepee in gradually increasing diameter. Light the interior of the tepee and add additional sticks as necessary, until desired fire-size is reached. Make sure you follow all applicable fire regulations and be sure to extinguish any flames and coals before leaving.