How to prevent blisters

Wilderness First Aid

Understanding how to prevent blisters is an essential skill for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. A nasty foot blister can turn any hike into a nightmare in no time. The best defense against blisters on feet is to prevent them from ever occurring. Follow these steps to rid yourself of burdensome blisters!

Blister prevention starts with dry feet

Dry feet are happy feet! Change your socks when they become saturated - hang the wet ones on the outside of your pack to dry while on the move.  A lightweight liner sock to help wick moisture away; and, together with a heavier padded hiking sock makes for a pretty good combination.

At night before you sack out for the evening, make sure your boots can get as much circulating air in them as possible. This well help dry them out.

Fighting foot fungus and sweat helps prevent blisters

Fight sweat and fungus! If your feet sweat profusely, apply some antiperspirant creams. This will help tremendously with reducing moisture and preventing blisters.  Also Gold Bond foot powder is your friend. Fungus free feet help with not only odor but chafing and blister avoidance as well.

Replace your insoles! Your boots may be in great condition, but your insoles may be a petri dish of blister enhancers.

Clean feet mean blister free feet

Keep your feet clean! Rinse them off whenever you take a break by a stream or a lake. This simple and refreshing process goes a long way towards staying blister free!

Lastly if you feel a blister coming! Hit it before it hurts you! On your clean, dry foot apply some moleskin or duct tape. Then when you get to camp remove it, clean your foot again and let it enjoy some much deserved air!

Remember should follow all of these steps and still get a blister or two, it's very important to understand how to properly treat a blister