How to Pack Ultralight!


Follow these simple tips and you'll be hiking ultralight in no time.

The weigh in! Buy a digital scale nothing too fancy just one that weighs to a tenth of an ounce or so. Get all of your gear together in one place. Download TrailMob's Gear List. Weigh everything and write it all down.

Need to lose that winter weight? Ditch the gut! Easiest way to shave ounces = shave them off you! To be clear, we are in no way encouraging shaving beards... Beards are awesome.

Research and preparation. What are the average high & low temps? Where are the reliable H2O sources? What is the short-term forecast? Last minute packing equals bringing stuff you don't need! Plan wisely, plan ahead!

Take a good hard look in the mirror. What's your style? Gear durability generally goes down with weight. If you bushwhack a lot, a heavier fabric is a must. And if there is something you just can't live without like that heavy DSLR you just picked up - that's cool, bring it.

Double up. Extra socks = gloves, bear can = camp chair. Keep in mind that you're in the woods and smelling like a bear is okay. Don't bring a bunch of extra clothing. Long johns in July might not be necessary

Trade up. Replace your old heavy things first and work your way down. Once that's done buy a pack that is the right size for your new ultralight self. Be smart, does it make since to pay $200 more to save 3 ounces on that sleeping bag or can you lose that weight elsewhere?

Be a TrailMob gourmet. What's that? It's Martha Stewart done in a freezer bag. Make your own lightweight meals or at the least ditch that unnecessary food packaging that you'll just have to pack out anyway. Check out our recipes. That's right we cook too!

Remove all excess weight from your gear. Take time to trim unneeded lengths of strapping and make sure your gear is clean. Yes, your toothbrush handle should go too. Check the scale and you'll be surprised to see just how much it adds up!