How to make the perfect smore

Campfire Recipes

Smores are the traditional camping treat and for good reason. With ingredients this simple (graham crackers, chocolate bar, and a bag of large marshmallows) it all comes down to technique. Read on to learn how we make the perfect smore.

Using your weenie/marshmallow roasting stick, stick one large marshmallow on. Extra points if you can pull this off with two.

Hopefully your fire has settled down into hot coals. If not, wait, and then make a nice coal bed about the size of a large dinner plate.

Hold your marshmallow over the coals (and no flames) at least 8 inches away (to start, you can move closer as you become more comfortable with the fire's temperature). Slowly rotate the stick once each side has reached a light brown/caramel color. The goal is to not let the marshmallow catch on fire, brown evenly, and give it enough time in the heat to melt the center.

Once your marshmallow is ready, take your graham crackers and chocolate bar into a sandwich. Place the warm marshmallow on top of the chocolate, lower the top graham cracker, and slide the stick out. Enjoy!