How to find the North Star

Survival Skills

Knowing how to find the North Star will not only impress your friends, but is also a skill that can help you orient yourself at night when visibility may be limited. Follow these simple steps to learn how to find the North Star.

Find the Big Dipper Constellation

First, locate the Big Dipper. It's the constellation generally described as a frying pan and is composed of 7 stars. The stars found in the Big Dipper and the North Star are some of the brighter stars in the night sky.

The Big Dipper points to the North Star

The Big Dipper's last two stars are called the pointers, because a straight line connecting to two stars points to the North Star. Follow the straight line from the pointers about 5 times the length of the distance between them, and you'll have found the North Star.

The North Star is apart of the Little Dipper

Double check that you found the North Star by tracing it up the Little Dipper constellation. The North Star is the last star in the Little Dipper's handle.