How to Build a Grid Fire

Camping Hacks

Learn how to build a grid campfire. Whether you are warming up in the backcountry or roasting marshmallows with the family, follow these simple steps to build a fire without fail every time.


Preparing your campfire

Grab your tinder of choice, diy firestarters, dry pine needles, crumbled paper, dryer lint etc. Next up prep your wood. You will need a variety of dry wood. Think pencil, thumb, 2 fingers and a couple of palm size pieces for thickness.

Place your pencil size and thinner pieces on your tinder.

No layer your next thickest pieces over top in a grid pattern. Make sure plenty of air is available.


Building your campfire with the grid method

Place the two palm sizes pieces parallel to the grid. These will act as bridge and support your heavier pieces of wood.

Lay bigger pieces of wood on the bridge pieces.

Spark it! And roast marshmallows, tell stories, play the guitar or simply warm up.

Make sure you follow all applicable fire regulations and be sure to extinguish any flames and coals before leaving.