Do It Yourself Day Hiking First Aid Kit

Wilderness First Aid

It always seems like if you pack a first aid kit you never need it... but if you don’t… you really need it! So it’s best to just bring it along! A constant complaint is first aid kits are expensive and bulky and full of impractical things for taking on your favorite day hike. The solution? Build your own day hiking first aid kit for a fraction of the cost and weight!

Here is a list of what the TrailMob editors carry in their day hiking first aid kit and why.

Item Use Amount
Waterproof Container/Pill Box To hold everything 1
Tweezers Splinters, ticks 1
Safety Pins Hold something torn apart together 2
Antibiotic Ointment Helps prevents infection from minor cuts, scrapes, or burns 2
Antiseptic Towelettes Cleaning wounds 2
Wound Closure Strips Helps keeps an open wound closed 2
Moleskin Blisters 1 square
Duct Tape Blisters and misc repairs 1 small roll
Bandaids Cover exposed wound 6 (2 each different sizes)
ACE Bandage Wrap strains and breaks 1
Bandanna Splint, cleaning, misc other uses 1
Ibuprofen Pain, fever, swelling relief 6
Antihistamine Allergy relief or reduce reaction to bites and stings 2
Imodium Diarrhea Relief 2
Needle and Thread Fix rips and tears 1
Gatorade Powder Replace electrolyte salts and glucose loss from dehydration 2
Antacid Abdominal upset 2
Cotton tipped swabs Remove objects from eyes and apply antibiotic ointment 2
Saline Solution Eye Wash Small bottle