DIY Backpacking Repair Kit

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Learn how to make a DIY repair kit that is perfect for day hiking, car camping and backpacking.

How to make a DIY Repair Kit for Day Hiking, Camping and Backpacking

We’ve all had it happen!  A broken buckle, tent pole or nasty tear in an essential piece of gear.  Being able to fix whatever is thrown your direction can be the difference between two memories… one is miserable.... the other is splendid.  Build your own repair kit to make sure you only have splendid memories!  

Below we’ve listed what we carry in our repair kits.  Let us be clear, you don’t have to carry all of this all of the time!  But we are going out into the backcountry we make sure we can tackle any adversity!  Also, don’t over do it!  You don’t need to carry three tent pole sleeves. Keep all of your repair gear at home and when you use something in your kit on a trip, simply make sure to replace when you arrive home.

DIY Camping, Backpacking and Hiking Repair Kit Pieces

  • Sewing Kit:  Needles Small Spools of Thread, Safety Pins, Straight Pin
  • Extra Buttons:  Never know when you are going to lose one! (kept in sewing kit)
  • Rubber Band: 4-6 various sizes.  Hair tie?  Bundle gear?
  • Gear Aid Tenacious Tape: It sticks to just about anything.  For those looking cut weight this can be a substitute to repair most rips, gashes and tears.  
  • Gore-Tex Patch: 1 medium patch.  Can also use tape in a bind
  • Mesh Patch: 1 patch. Can also use tape in a bind
  • Mattress-repair:  2 small patches. Can also use tape in a bind
  • Tent-pole Sleeve Repair:  Fix that broken tent post on the fly!
  • Stove Repair Parts:  O-rings etc.
  • Zip Ties:  2 small, 2 larger
  • Seam Grip/Seal:  Way to many uses to list!  Boots, small tears, etc.
  • 6 ft. Para Cord:  Seems a bit much we know, but one blown shoe and you are low!
  • Extra buckles and cord locks:  Seem not needed until your are in a situation where you need an extra buckle! Don’t be sorry! Bring an extra
  • 2 Alcohol Prep Pads:  Make sure your repair works! Clean the area first! (We keep this in our first aid kit.)


  • Super Glue:  Fix a small break or close a cut on your hands.  (First Aid)
  • MultiTool: This will likely be kept on your person or in an easy to access portion of your backpack.
  • Extra Batteries: Varies depending on your needs
  • Microfiber Cloth:  Clean camera lenses, sunglasses or wash your smelly body! Always rinse and clean well when done.  
  • Duct Tape:  This can be a lighter, trekking poles, nalgene wrapped or simple small roll specifically for repairs.