Differences between a wolf and a coyote

Camping Hacks

Learn how to tell the difference between a gray wolf and a coyote by reference to a handful of distinguishing attributes. With wolves in the process of returning to many areas in the Lower 48, the odds of seeing a wolf are increasing. Follow this quick reference guide to make sure you don't mix up the two.


Gray Wolf Facts

Attributes common to the Gray Wolf:

Color:  light gray to black

Dimensions:  2.5 feet tall, 5-6 feet long

Features:  Rounded Ears, Broad Snout, Large nose pad

Weight:  80-120 lbs. 

Paw Size:  4 x 5 inches


Coyote Facts

Attributes common to the Coyote:

Color:  light gray/brown

Dimensions:  1.5 feet tall, 4 feet long

Features:  Tall Pointed Ears, Narrow Snout, Small nose pad

Weight:  20-50 lbs. 

Paw Size:  2-2.5 inches