Outdoor Skills

The TrailMob Outdoors Skills database is designed to help you make the most of your next adventure in the great outdoors. Organized by category, check out these tips, tricks and hacks fit for weekend-warriors and thru-hikers alike.

Nature Photography Tips and How-to's

Nature Photography

Learn how to take better pictures in the outdoors. Our nature photography guide features helpful tips ranging from photography basics to more in depth techniques all amatur photography junkies should know. Below are a few of our favorites, but you can always click on the icon to find more.

  1. Images of Waterfalls | Capture Beautiful Waterfall Pics

Campfire Recipes

Learn nutritious and delicious campfire recipes. Find everything from easy camping meals to backcountry meal plans. Follow these step by step instructions to ensure your camping adventures are filled with the best camping food. Below are a few of our favorites, but click on the icon for many more.

  1. How to make the perfect smore
  2. Smoked Salmon Pasta | Camping Recipe
Camping Hacks and How-to's | Outdoor Skills

Camping Hacks

Learn useful and interesting camping hacks! Find fun family friendly camping games to play with the kids or learn a new skill to teach your friends the next time you light your campfire. Below are few of our favorite camping skills, but if you click on the icon you will find many more.

  1. How to start a fire: Teepee Method

Wilderness First Aid

Learn basic wilderness first aid and wilderness medicine. These emergency essentials may save yours or someone else's life or may just insure your time outdoors is spent enjoying nature, not dealing with minor wounds. Below is a couple of our favorites, click on the icon to find many more.

  1. How to avoid a tick bite when hiking
  2. How to treat a poison oak rash
  3. How to remove a tick
  4. How to treat a cut, scrape or abrasion
  5. How to treat a burn
Knot Tying Guide | Outdoor Skills

Knot Tying Guide

Learn how to tie different types of knots. Our knot tying guide features useful fishing knots, climbing knots and others that are essential outdoors skills. Below are a few of our favorites, but simply click the button for the full knot tying guide.

  1. How to Tie a Hitch Knot
  2. How to Tie the Anchor Bend Knot
  3. How to tie the Prusik Knot
Survival Skills | Outdoor Skills

Survival Skills

Learn essential survival skills and prepper tactics. Our guides clearly explain bushcraft skills that may help you survive in the wild if disaster strikes. Find survival techniques such as the ones listed below. For others click the icon.

  1. How to survive a bear attack
  2. How to find the North Star