WoolX Daily boxer and Outback shirt review

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WoolX Daily boxer and Outback shirt review

There is no substitute for quality baselayers when playing outside.  A little extra comfort can be the difference between a good and bad experience. We found the WoolX Outback shirt and Daily boxer to be a comfortable choice throughout the day.

Build Quality

“Those look fantastic on you!”  says the wife with carnivorous eyes.  I shoot back a glance with a slight eyebrow raise and a half smile - a reaction like that from the Mrs. is a quick way to get brownie points with this editor - and so began my experience with WoolX Daily boxers.   With vanity riding high I threw on my new WoolX Outback t-shirt, tossed on a pair shorts, laced up the boots and was set to start an epic series of day hikes in beautiful Yosemite National Park.  On tap for the day, Lower Falls, May Lake, Sentinel Dome and as many others as we could get to.  This was my first experience with Woolx's merino wool shirt and merino wool boxer so I was excited to see what this company was all about.

WoolX uses "flat-lock" seams which translate to no chafing issues.


There is no substitute for a quality pair skivvies when playing outside.  A little extra comfort can be the difference between a good and bad experience.  I was a little skeptical about merino wool boxers on a hot summer day, but in the end was delightfully surprised as, despite being made of wool, the Outback shirt was also a comfortable choice throughout the day.  It is a snug fit, which we don’t mind so much, but if you are looking for a more relax fit you may want to go up a size.  The knitting is fairly tight and so does not look like wool at first glance.  The shirt we got was black which did become a little warm during the heat of the day.  The mid-day sun did provide a great opportunity to test its breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities, however.

The WoolX Outback shirt fits a little snug, but that is a good thing in a baselayer.

Initial Review

With the temperature soaring I was a sweaty mess about half way up Lower Falls Trail when we decided to take a break and take in the view. I threw off my pack, my back was drenched.  We sat down to take in the view. “You are not stripping down to your underwear!” said the wife in response to my request to get a Yosemite valley product shot while bursting with song “I’m so fancy….”  Request denied... Sorry readers…
In about 15 minutes my back was nearly dry and didn’t have any sense of chaffing from misguided seams from the britches or the t-shirt.  Now it was almost time for the customary sniff test… A- (and way better than a lot of synthetic fabrics would have fared).  I could tell I’ve been active but I would not be ashamed to grocery shopping yet.  

Even after repeated wear, the Woolx Daily boxers continued to hold up.

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