Polar Water Bottle & Thermos Review

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Polar Water Bottle & Thermos Review

Tired of water from your standard-issue sports bottle only staying cold long enough for you to drive to the trail?  Enter Polar Bottle. These handy little bottles are a new take on an old idea - and work pretty good too. Polar Bottle claims their lightweight reflective insulative layer keeps liquids cool up to twice as long as a standard water bottle and we’re inclined to agree. Polar Bottle’s double-wall insulated Thermos takes care of hot liquids and makes for a convenient trail-friendly thermos as well.   

Build Quality

Build quality on the sports bottles is pretty good, soft enough to get a good squeeze and very lightweight (they are by no means indestructible, however).  We especially liked that the top threads were compatible with most screw-on water filters (i.e., they use the same thread as a nalgene bottle).  

The thermos features the industry standard double-wall design and has held up well with repeated use.  An often overlooked feature in any given thermos is the opening, how many times have you spilt hot water on yourself trying to pour the tea you just made in your MSR Windboiler Stove into a narrow-mouthed thermos?  None you say?  Pick up a Polar Thermos and you'll keep it that way!  This thermos does away with the cup/top combo and opts for a half-twist cap which works suprisingly well.

Polar Bottle's thermos features a half-twist cap drinking system which works surprisingly well.


These are an excellent value for anybody looking for an all-purpose insulated sports bottle or thermos.

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