Nite Ize Carabiner, DoohicKey, Steelie, Buglit and Knotbone Review

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Nite Ize Carabiner, DoohicKey, Steelie, Buglit and Knotbone Review

In this article we review several innovative products from Nite Ize: Carabiners, a DoohicKey Key Tool, a Steelie Car Mount, a Buglit Camp Light and a set of Knotbone Shoelaces.  Think you have everything you need already?  Think again!

Build Quality

Nite Ize products are made with quality materials and feature minimal moving parts so you can be confident your gear will last for a long time.  The carabiners (of which Nite Ize offers an incredible array) and DoohicKey key tool are made of stainless steel which is simultaneously sleek and weather resistant.  We couldn’t find anything wrong with any of this gear - simple construction and solid materials are hard to complain about.  

The Nite Ize Knotbone shoelace system makes slipping on your running or trail hiking shoes a breeze.


Nite Ize products won’t break the bank account, (unless perhaps you give in to temptation and decide to buy every size biner on offer!).  Nite Ize is solving problems you may not have even realized you had and innovation seems to run in their DNA.  To the person who decided to attach a pair of Nite Ize gear ties to a micro-LED, we salute you.  When you’re out in the boonies, you want gear that serves multiple functions, this makes you feel smart (for packing efficiently) and helps make you look like the experienced one in your backpacking group (always a good thing).

The Steelie Car Mount Kit can be appreciated by outdoor-seeking enthusiasts and city-slickers alike.

Initial Review

Need a small biner to clip that raincover on your pack? Check!  How about a more comfortable and convenient shoelace solution?  Nite Ize has you covered, just swap out your laces for their slightly elastic alternative. Tired of fumbling for your phone on the drive to the trailhead?  No problem, the Nite Ize Steelie car mount system makes finding your next trailhead a much safer proposition by bringing your smartphone screen up to eye level - find a trail, get directions, and go!  The DoohicKey tool weighs about as much as 12 paperclips but provides functionality that would make MacGyver jealous.  

Nite Ize Carabiners and DoohicKey Key Tool should be considered backpacking essentials.

Lowest Price for Nite Ize S-Biner

This gear was provided to free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for our fair and unbiased review.

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