Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter Review

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Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter Review

The Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter lets you filter water near effortlessly and can achieve output near 2L a minute in optimal conditions.  As long as gravity is around, you can expect this innovative water filter to deliver fresh H20 with abandon.

Build Quality

The entire Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L packs down into a convenient storage bag.  Out of the box you get the 6L  water storage bag, Ultra Flow Filter and tubing.  Katadyn claims the Ultra Flow filter is good for around 1500 liters of filtering.  It can be cleaned easily, but don’t forget about the sediment trap at the bottom of the bag - another clever feature designed to increase lifespan.  Pro-tip: let turbid water settle a bit before beginning to filter, this will save your filter and allow sediment to collect in the trap.

It’s hard to talk about how good peas are without mentioning carrots.  The gravity filter market is relatively new but already crowded with two Goliaths, both of which have their merits.  If you are reading this review you likely have already considered both Katadyn and MSR versions of gravity filters, but simply have not made up your mind. One of the core differences between Katadyn and MSR products is in the water bottle connection design.  While MSR products allow you to screw on to Nalgene-threaded bottles, Katadyn tends to opt for an open-ended design.  This just means you’ll have to keep an eye on your water bottle as you go to prevent spillage.  However, if you intend to fill up a hydration bladder you’re in luck, as the tubing connection does snap easily into standard bladder fittings.  

Katadyn’s newly developed Ultra Flow filter removes bacteria, cysts and sediment but is still cleanable.


A gravity-fed filter has held a spot in the dreams of most backpackers since their first turn at the manual pump water filter, and for every pump thereafter!  Katadyn must have teamed up with DARPA to develop their version of the holy grail in water filtration: effortless flow for less than $100.  

It’s hard not to see the value in this product.  It’s well-made, features state-of-the-art technology, and actually gives you something you want more of in camp: time and energy!   Purchase the optional shower head cap and you can turn the entire contraption into a portable shower (incidentally, backcountry showers also hold a spot in the dreams of most backpackers).

Another classic red & blue face-off, this one among industry-leading filter manufacturers MSR & Katadyn

Initial Review

Katadyn says: “Just fill, hang, and drink!” and we agree, it really is that simple.  This filter is a no-brainer if you are travelling in groups or expect to need large quantities of water in camp.  We would not recommend replacing your pump-style filter if you do most of your filtering while on the trail as this filter can’t quite compete with the speed and portability of most manual pump filters.  

At this point we can’t settle the Katadyn Water Camp Filter vs. MSR Autoflow filter debate.  Having tested both products, it was simply too close to call, let’s put it this way: do you like the color red or blue?  You’ll be happy with either!

Swap out the tubing for the optional shower head and you’ll have an instant shower (curtain also sold separately).

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11 oz.




Filtering Water, Water storage, Shower-bag




Up to 2L/minute

Filter type

.2 micron pleated glassfiber

Where Tested

Yosemite NP, Boise NF

Overall Rating

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