Mustang Grape

Vitis mustangensis

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  • Mustang Grape | Mustang Grapes (Vitis mustangensis) Photo: Jon Lebkowsky by v8.6m

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Basic Information






32 - 50 ft

Leaf Color

Green, Yellowish Fall Foliage

Leaf Arrangement


Leaf Complexity


Blooming Season


Bloom Color

White, Red



Can I eat Mustang Grape?

Best in Jam or wine.

Mustang Grape Habitat

Mustang Grapes (Vitis mustangensis) are common along trails in the Deep South that run along streams and near forest edges or thick undergrowth where sandy well drained soil is present.

Mustang Grape Facts

Mustang Grapes (Vitis mustangensis) are a common vine in the Deep South. It does well in sandy soil or clay. It has fragment white or red blooms in the spring and deep purple berries in the fall. Its fruit is a very important food source for mammals and birds. As for human culinary uses, the fruit itself is bitter and unpleasant, but still often picked and turned into jam. Mustang Grapes have been used to make Mustang Wine since before the Civil War. The underside of its leaves are covere in fine hairs that make them appear whitish.

Mustang Grape Distribution

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