Mustela vison

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  • Mink | The National Geographical Society c1918 Photo: Peter G. Trimming
  • Mink | The National Geographical Society c1918 Photo: Peter G. Trimming
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Basic Information

Other names

American Mink






Mink are generally between 18.27.5 inches in length.


up to 10 years


Mink (Mustela vison) facts, habitat, diet, range, mink pictures and more to help you learn to identify the beautiful mammal.




Male and female Mink reach sexual maturity around 10 months of age. Both sexes are promiscuous and will mate with multiple partners.



Number of Offspring

2-8 Kits

What does the Mink look like?

American Mink are lanky carnivores. Their fur is generally a dark chocolate brown with white patches on their chins, throats and chests. Their fur is soft, thick and covered with oily guard hairs that waterproof them. They have long slender bodies, pointed faces, and short legs with semi-webbed feet. Males are larger than females, but both sexes have similar colorations.

Mink Habitat


Mink Facts

American Mink are solitary predators. They mark their territory with musky excretions from their anal glands. They are primarily nocturnal predators and are fearless. They are not scared to defend themselves against much larger predators such as coyotes, wolves and bobcats. Their favorite prey includes rabbits, chipmunks, ducks, birds, mice and even fish. They are incredible swimmers and agile climbers. In fact if the water temperature is not to cold, they can swim for three straight hours without stopping. Mink fur is highly prized by the fur industry, and Mink oil is often used to waterproof leather.

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