Martes pennanti

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Basic Information






Fishers are generally between 29.25 and 47.5 inches in length.


up to 10 years


Fisher (Martes pennanti) facts, habitat, diet, range, fisher pictures and more to help you learn to identify the rare mammal.




Both male and female Fishers reach sexual maturity by age one. Females produce their first litter at age two. They appear to breed annually. Once a female is fertilized, the embryo enters a state of arrested development for up to 11 months.


Sierra Nevada Mtn - Northern North America

Number of Offspring

2-6 Kits

What does the Fisher look like?

Fishers are lanky carnivores of the northern woods. Their fur ranges from a milk chocolate to dark brown with slightly lighter colors on the head and shoulders. They have long slender bodies, short black legs and long bushy black tails. They have five digits on their paws with retractable sharp claws.

Fisher Habitat


Fisher Facts

Fishers are a member of the mustelid family, or weasel family. They are solitary predators that are extremely agile, easily climbing trees. They rest in trees year round, but in the winter den in burrows under snow with tunnels connecting them. Young Fishers may fall victim to birds of prey, foxes or bobcats. Adults are fearless and will readily defend themselves, thus have few natural predators. Despite their name, Fishers are not known to hunt or eat fish. They tend to feed on rabbits and porcupines, but will also feed on what's readily available such as nuts and berries.

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