Steelhead Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

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  • Steelhead Trout |  Photo: Matt MacGillivray by v8.6m

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Steelhead Trout are generally up to 4 feet in length.


Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) facts, description, habitat, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


California coast up to Washington

What does the Steelhead Trout look like?

Steelhead Trout have a dark-olive freshwater coloration with a silvery-white underside, a heavily speckled body and a pink-red stripe along their sides. In the saltwater they become more silver.

How to catch Steelhead Trout

The Skagit River in Washington offers worldclass Steelhead fishing and the Eel River in Calfornia is a great place to cast a fly for Steelhead.

Steelhead Trout Facts

Steelhead Trout are the state fish of Washington. Adults migrate from the ocean to freshwater streams to spawn. Unlike other migrating Pacific salmonids Streelhead can spawn more than once. Their migration can be hundreds of miles long. Recently certain populations have shown increases, while others have declined. A prized game fish, landing a Steelhead is bucketlist fish for many anglers.

Steelhead Trout Distribution

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