Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

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  • Rainbow Trout |  Photo: Roger Tabor, USFWS
  • Rainbow Trout |  Photo: Roger Tabor, USFWS
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Basic Information






Rainbow Trout are generally up to 4 feet in length.


Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) facts, description, habitat, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


Native to the streams and rivers along the Pacific Coast, however Rainbow Trout have been wildely introduced throughout the U.S and Canada.

What does the Rainbow Trout look like?

Rainbow have a dark-olive freshwater coloration with a silvery-white underside, a heavily speckled body and a pink-red stripe along their sides.

How to catch Rainbow Trout

Head to Alaska, Montana, Idaho or Wyoming to reel in a monster.

Rainbow Trout Facts

Rainbow Trout are a prized gamefish for fly fisherman. Readily availble throughout much of the west. Sea running Rainbow Trout are called Steelheads.

Rainbow Trout Distribution

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