Lake Trout

Salvelinus namaycush

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Basic Information

Other names

Touladi, Togue, and Grey Trout






Lake Trout are generally up to 4.5 feet in length.


Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) facts, description, habitat, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


Native range is Alaska, Canada, Great Lakes, New England to Minnesota. However it has been widely introduced elsewhere.

What does the Lake Trout look like?

Dark olive to gray/green top and a blue/green to bronze bottom. Their spots are white to soft pink.

How to catch Lake Trout

Help clean up Yellowstone Lake, by fishing for as many invasive Lake Trout as you can catch.

Lake Trout Facts

Lake Trout are wonderful big game fish. They have been widely introduced and considered invasive in many states. Lake Trout have an incredibly long lifespan, they can live up to 62 years.

Lake Trout Distribution

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