Dolly Varden Trout

Salvelinus malma malma

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  • Dolly Varden Trout |  Photo: Biodiversity Heritage Library by v8.6m

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Basic Information






Dolly Varden Trout are generally up to 30 inches in length.


Dolly Varden Trout (Salvelinus malma malma) facts, description, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


Washington, Western Canada to Alaska

What does the Dolly Varden Trout look like?

Olive green to a bronze/gray body with pale yellow, orange or salmon colored spots. Dolly Varden where not classified as separate species until recently. They very closely resemble Bull Trout.

How to catch Dolly Varden Trout

For amazing Dolly Varden fly fishing head to the wild coastal streams of Alaska.

Dolly Varden Trout Facts

Dolly Varden are great gamefish. Some spend their entire lives in cool mountain streams while other mirgrate to the ocean. Dolly Varden are preyed upon by otters, bears, birds, beluga whales, seals, sea lions, and humans.

Dolly Varden Trout Distribution

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