Brook Trout

Salvelinus fontinalis

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  • Brook Trout |  Photo: Aaron Gustafson
  • Brook Trout |  Photo: Aaron Gustafson by v8.6m

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Basic Information






Brook Trout are generally up to 2.5 feet in length.


Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) facts, description, habitat, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


Native range is eastern Canada to the Great Lakes and Georgia. Have been widely introduced in the western United States.

What does the Brook Trout look like?

Brook Trout have a green brown coloration with a distinctive marble pattern. Its undercarriage and lower fins have a reddish color.

How to catch Brook Trout

For epic Brook Trout fly fishing in it's native habitat, head to Grand Lake Stream in Maine.

Brook Trout Facts

Brook Trout are the state fish of Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. They are highly dependent on clean cool water, consequently much of their historic range in the east is badly polluted. There are efforts to restore native habitat that appear to show some success.

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