Apache Trout

Oncorhynchus apache

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  • Apache Trout |  Photo: Kaibab National Forest
  • Apache Trout |  Photo: Kaibab National Forest
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Basic Information

Other names

Arizona Trout






Apache Trout are generally between 6 and 24 inches in length.


Apache Trout (Oncorhynchus apache) facts, description, habitat, range, pictures and fly fishing tips to help you catch and identify the fish.


Salt and Little Rivers headwaters in Arizona.

What does the Apache Trout look like?

Apache Trout have yellow to golden sides and underbelly, their head and back are a dark olive to brown. The lower part of Apache Trout heads is an orange/yellow. They have medium-sized evenly placed dark spots.

How to catch Apache Trout

Catch and release only in a few select Arizona streams. Ask a local fly shop for specifics.

Apache Trout Facts

Apache Trout are the state fish of Arizona and endangered. Introduced trout species have decimated the populations. If you are lucky enough to reel one in; catch and release only.

Apache Trout Distribution

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