Western Scrub-Jay

Aphelocoma californica

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Western Scrub-Jay Photo Gallery

Basic Information

Other names

California Scrub-Jay






Western Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica) facts, habitat, range, pictures and bird watching tips to help you identify the songbird.


Western Scrub-Jays live along the western coast of North Amerca from the Baja through Washington State.

What does the Western Scrub-Jay look like?

Western Scrub-Jays have pale chests and bellies, a blue necklace, a gray strap along their backs and blue wings and tail feathers.

Western Scrub-Jay Facts

Western Scrub-Jays are known to perch on the backs of deer and eat ticks. The deer don't seem to mind and the birds get an easy meal.

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