Mountain Bluebird

Sialia currucoides

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  • Mountain Bluebird |  Photo: Tony Hisgett
  • Mountain Bluebird |  Photo: Tony Hisgett
  • Mountain Bluebird |  Photo: Tony Hisgett by v8.6m

Mountain Bluebird Photo Gallery

Basic Information






Mountain Bluebirds are generally between 6.25 and 8 inches in length.


up to 10 years


Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) facts, habitat, range, bluebird pictures and bird watching tips to help you identify the songbird.






Western U.S. - Western Plains

Nest Placement


Number of Offspring

5–7 Eggs

Egg Description

Light Blue or Bluish White

Condition at Hatching

Feeble, naked

Social Status



11–12.75 in

Observation Tips

Take a hike on your favorite trail that runs through the west's open forests for great shot at catching a glimpse of a Mountain Bluebird in the wild.

What does the Mountain Bluebird look like?

Mountain Bluebirds are lanky, slender songbirds. They have pointed wings and tails with black bills. Adult males have sky blue upper bodies and pale blue under bodies. Adult females are a shadowy gray with pale blue wings and tails.

Mountain Bluebird Habitat

Open Forests

Mountain Bluebird Facts

Mountain Bluebirds are cavity-nesters of the wests open mountain forests. These stunning songbirds are easily spotted along your favorite mountain trails. They are known to hover over prospective insect prey then pounce when the time is right. Females pick their mate in a very pragmatic way. She disregards, song, flight grace and looks in favor of the quality of nest site available in a particular location. Males however try hard to be good mates. They feed the female while she is incubating eggs. Mountain Bluebirds have a song similar to the American Robin. Sounding like a warbled high pitched "chur chur." They are also the state bird of Idaho and Nevada.

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