Feral Horse

Equus ferus

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  • Feral Horse |  Photo: Godon Plant
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Basic Information






Feral Horses are generally between 7 and 9.5 feet in length.


up to 36 years


Feral Horse (Equus ferus) facts, habitat, diet, range, wild horse pictures and more to help you learn to identify the large ungulate.




Feral Horses breed in the spring with an average of one offspring but can have two.


Feral Horse Mangement Areas

Number of Offspring

1-2 offspring

What does the Feral Horse look like?

Feral Horses can take all of the different color patterns of domestic horses depending on their ancestry.

Feral Horse Habitat


Feral Horse Facts

Commonly called “Wild Horses.” They are not however wild, rather feral. Their ancestors were domesticated horses. The Conquistadors reintroduced horses to North America in the 15th century. Some horses escaped creating feral horse herds. Many feral horses are also related to Calvary Horses from the U.S. Army. The difference between wild and feral is primarily vernacular as modern feral horses are very much wild, especially in the western U.S. To see them in the wild, head to Nevada which has the largest population of feral horses, or to Idaho or Oregon. If you live in the east, there are select areas where they are viewable, for example, Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia.

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