California Quail

Callipepla californica

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  • California Quail | Biodiversity Heritage Library Photo: Tyler Karaszewski
  • California Quail | Biodiversity Heritage Library Photo: Tyler Karaszewski by v8.6m

California Quail Photo Gallery

Basic Information

Other names

California Valley Quail, Valley Quail






California Quails grow to about 10 inches in length.


8+ in the wild


California Quail (Callipepla californica) facts, habitat, range, quail pictures and bird watching tips to help you identify the game bird.


California Quail omnivores that eat a majority vegetarian diet but will also feed on invertebrates such as snails and caterpillars.


Ground Forager


California, Pacific Northwest, Southwest

Nest Placement


Number of Offspring

11–17 Eggs

Egg Description

Cream white with brown specks

Condition at Hatching

Brown down covered, extremely active, can walk immediately

Social Status

Flocks (coveys)


13-14.5 in

What does the California Quail look like?

Males are a dark brown with a black head and striking white stripes on their faces. Females look similar but lack facial markings. Both males and females have a white and chestnut scale pattern on their chests.

California Quail Habitat

Open Forests, Brush

California Quail Facts

California Quail are the state bird of California. California Quail are beautiful gamebirds that are often seen in large groups scratching at the ground. They take cover when scared. These gamebirds spend most of the day on the ground, but are capable of explosive short flight to reach cover.

California Quail Distribution

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