Mountain Lion

Puma concolor

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  • Mountain Lion |  Photo: NPS
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Basic Information

Other names

Cougar, Puma, Panther






Mountain Lions are generally between 2.5 and 6 ft in length.


up to 20 years in the wild


Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) facts, habitat, diet, range, cougar pictures and more to help you learn to identify the large wild cat.




Females birth 1-6 kittens.


Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Florida, Texas, California, Pacific Northwest, Western Canada


Mountain Lions are dangerous! Never approach, feed or simply in general be stupid in mountain lion country. Please check out TrailMob's Mountain Lion Safety Tips for more information.

What does the Mountain Lion look like?

Mountain Lions are a large slender cat with uniform pelage color that varies by region and season. They have a white patch on their snout and a pinkish nose. They have a long black-tipped tail. Males are larger and both sexes have large power jaws and teeth.

Mountain Lion Habitat

Forests, Mountains

Mountain Lion Facts

Mountain Lions are rarely spotted in the wild. They have low densities and are primarily active at night. They prey on medium to large game. Hunts deer and other large and medium-sized mammals. The sub species the Florida Panther is critically endangered and the Eastern Cougar is thought to be extinct. Though recent reports of sightings put that ruling into question.

Mountain Lion Distribution

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