Ohio State Geology Students Accused of Vandalising Ancient Rock Art


Author: Steven Shaw
Date: 09.04.15

Geology - noun: the science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it.

The latest processes that acted on centuries old rock art in rural Juab County Utah appear to be Ohio State University geology students. The graffiti happened in Chicken Creek Canyon which is home to pictographs on the canyon wall. The Native American rock is centuries old and is protected under the Antiquities Act. Pictures taken by Linden resident Rex Daley clearly show “OSU”, “Ohio State University” and “Geo.”

TrailMob is attempting to reach out to the Ohio State geology students with the names written on the rocks, but so far our requests for comment from them and Ohio State University have gone unanswered.

Regardless of whether Ohio State University students are at fault, the incident is the latest in a disturbing trend of vandalism on public lands and is reminiscent of the Casey Nocket incident that outraged the country, just under a year ago.