Glacier National Park’s glaciers will disappear before you die


Author: Steven Shaw
Date: 05.10.17

Glacier National Park was named for its beautiful glaciers, unfortunately they may soon only be a memory.

Data released by the U.S. Geological Survey and Portland State University shows that since 1966 global warming has reduced the size of the park’s glaciers by an average of 39 percent, with some receding by as much 85 percent.

According to the USFS, it is estimated that roughly 150 glaciers were present in 1850 and that most glaciers were still present in 1910 when the park was established.

167 years later the park only has 26 glaciers left that are larger than 25 acres (the minimum size requirement to define a glacier, per USGS).

Researchers estimate that if the current rate of warming continues, all glaciers in Glacier National Park will be completely gone by the year 2030, if not earlier.

The study measured 37 named glaciers in Glacier National Park and two glaciers on U.S. Forest Service land over a period of about 50 years.

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