Ghost Story | The Wailing Woman of the Grand Canyon

Credit: Gabrielle Cyr

Credit: Gabrielle Cyr


Author: Steven Shaw
Date: 10.26.16

She cries out over her loss…. Wailing in the cool wind…. Forever grief stricken…  Forever looking for her child and lover.  The “wailing woman” or “wondering woman” of the Grand Canyon is said to have haunted the north rim for nearly a century.  

Legend has it has it that a man and his son went for a hike along the Transept Trail near the Grand Canyon Lodge when the weather turned awful and they lost their footing and fell screaming to their deaths into the canyon. The mother and wife of the deceased was struck with uncontrollable sorrow. Day and night she scoured the canyon edge, searching tirelessly for her lost love and son, unable to find them she decided to join them in the afterlife and hung herself that night in the lodge.  

On stormy nights along the Grand Canyon North Rim, take a hike along the Transept Trail between the Lodge and the North Rim Campground and listen for her cries as she searches the canyon for the family lost. Dozens of hikers and campers have reported seeing her glowing apparition, wearing a white dress with small blue flowers and a scarf around her head.

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